Artist Statement

“It’s the Time” is a poem I wrote in 1998. I wrote it in 20 minutes without having a topic in mind. The words flowed out as if from my subconscious.

One of my aims when joining Brisbane Camera Group and resuming photography was to find a way to express my poetry as images. This poem is a favourite so I chose to start here.

As I wrote this 20 years ago, I wanted to explore my current interpretation of it’s meaning. From there, my aim was to develop images to convey that meaning through story but without being too literal. My challenge with this project was to focus on a conceptual approach to the image creation.

I worked through a variety of ideas and concepts before settling on the final set of images. Combining images in Photoshop and applying various effects was a major part of my process.

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It’s the Time

It’s the time when birds sing
Joyful is the sound of their song
It’s the time when winds blow
Sometimes gusty and sometimes strong       
It’s the place where heaven knows
Who rides up and who rides down      
It’s the place of the circus                       
Where everyone wants to be a clown.

We seek it here and now
Want heaven here on earth
Want to be satisfied and gratified
Number one from our birth.

It’s the time when leaves fall
Floating softly to the ground
It’s the time when circles form
Soft and smooth and round
It’s the place where God sits
In judgement on his throne
It’s the place of nervousness
Where no one wants to be alone.

We seek it here and now
No time for the future or past
We are immortal it seems
As this is always going to last.

It’s the time when wheels roll
Gathering speed down the hill
It’s the time when lightning strikes
And we seek another thrill
It’s the place where change occurs
Seeming without rhyme or reason
It’s the place where silence shatters
Thunderous with the change of season.

Copyright ©1998 KG Sinclair. All rights reserved.

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