20160102-_KGS9118-EditThank you for visiting my website. This page introduces myself to you and provides some background into why I create and share my photos.

If you are like me, you enjoy photography that has a narrative and meaning. One of the pleasures in life is to get lost in an image and story.

My journey into fine art has come relatively late in life. Contemplating interests my wife and I could share in retirement led to photography, for which we both have a passion.

Throughout my life, I have needed to have time in a creative space. I have been most fulfilled in my business life when I have been creating improvements through automation or processes. Outside of business, songwriting and photography were both essential for me.

Photography enables me to experience the present moment. There is only this instant as I compose the image in my viewfinder. Looking back at many of the photos I have created can rekindle the feeling I had when pressing down my camera’s shutter button.

Capturing images of my family has been important too. These photos have documented the passing of time and meaningful moments. Looking at them enables me to reminisce and reminds me of my family’s importance in my life.

In many respects, my photography reflects my life. I have experienced depression several times, and through those times of darkness, I have always held onto the hope that things will get better. My photography aims to hold out a ray of hope to those who need it.

I don’t aspire to change the world. Instead, if I provide a ray of hope to one person, I have achieved what I set out to do. I like the saying “be the change you want to see in the world”. It comes down to each of us having hope and courage to stand up for our beliefs.

While I continue to capture the traditional landscape and portrait images, I love telling stories through my photos. I think my early interest in songwriting strongly influences my need to create narratives in photography.

Fine art photography is the genre enabling me to move into expressing myself through my images. When you view my photos, you may experience different feelings, but I aim to leave you with having hope for a brighter future. The tools I use to do this are my camera and Photoshop. After capturing the image, I use post-production to reinforce the story. I enjoy creating narratives through compositing in Photoshop too.

I live in Brisbane, Australia, with my wife, Marie. We are both keen photographers, and Marie’s genre is street photography. I am a member of the Australian Photography Society and the Photographic Society of America (International Division).




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