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Since my last post, LensCulture has reviewed my submission to their Critic’s Choice competition and provided feedback. As usual, their comments and suggestions are constructive and insightful. My project statement was too brief, and I would have been better served to go into more detail to help viewers understand what I was trying to achieve with my images.

My reviewer said a project statement is a good opportunity to relate some of my visual strategies. For example, why do I only photograph beachside rocks and what is the significance of this? What do I hope viewers might glean from my work? Almost always, the more information that is provided to viewers, the greater the chance that they will arrive at a fully informed appreciation of my vision.

Human Condition 3 – Creative Growth

The reviewer identified the above image as one of the more engaging photos in my submission. They commented that this depicts the illusion of spatial depth in an engaging manner. They were drawn to the subtle color contrast afforded by the warmer hues of the rocks with the cooler areas that populate the middle of the frame.

Human Condition 7 – Hope

This image was seen as an outlier in my submission regarding the overall luminosity and the depiction of the subject matter. The main visual thrust of this picture is upon the juxtaposition between rather disparate formal elements. They were drawn to the general rising angle engendered by the lines of the rock. This image is different from all the other pictures; it carries great visual weight and stands out in relief.

Overall, some key things I learned from the review are:

  • Spend more time and effort on my project statement as it is an essential part of a series submission.
  • There is a need to have greater variety in subject scale and placement within the image frame. This will instil visual rhythm and pacing across my pictures, adding to the interest of the series.

Now, to put into practice the suggestions I have received.

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