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Recently I have been working on what images to enter into competitions. One competition I have been interested in is the lensculture Critics Choice competition. This competition is designed to maximize exposure and opportunities for talented photographers who are ready for the global stage and international markets.

One aspect of these awards I really appreciate is you can get written feedback on your submission. This is valuable information that assists in the ongoing development of my photography. Rather than submit individual unrelated photos, this time, I submitted a series of related images I am working on as a project.

My project is titled “Specimen Slides of the Human Condition”, and the image above gives some insight into the pictures I have been working on as part of this series. I submitted ten images, of which most are in the above picture. The images depicted a range of conditions, including healing, support, bleeding heart, hope and freedom. I am keen to read what the judges thought of my images and what they think needs improvement.

Sometimes projects start in strange ways. Marie and I were on holidays and visited Mooloolaba for an afternoon, and we wandered along the beach. We can to a section containing many rocks in varying formations. A question I asked myself was, what could I do that was different when photographing these rocks? I thought of those photographers who hang out of plane doors to capture aerial images of stunning locations. Could I photograph these rocks as if they were being captured out of a plane door but on a miniature scale?

I really enjoyed playing around with this concept and took many images. I got so lost in doing this that I lost track of time. That’s what I enjoy most about doing something you love – that ability to be so in the moment that nothing else matters.

After I started to process these images, I started to think about what I could do with them. After some thought and discussion with Marie, I settled on the “Specimen Slides of the Human Condition” concept. More images have been taken in the last few months to add to this project. It is not yet a finished item, but I am sure the feedback I receive from this competition entry will help to inform its future direction.

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