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Filters have two different meanings depending on how long you have had photography as a hobby.  Most of us today think as filters as an option with Photoshop. Before the invention of computers and things like Photoshop, we had small glass discs called filters attached to our lens to achieve various effects.  There are many options with filters – you can blur, sharpen, and even block out the UV rays.  Filters can correct a problem or make a picture look a little different.

The UV filter protects against the harsh rays. As well as the UV filter, you should have a polarizer.  The polarizer is used in photography when you are taking a shot into direct sunlight or other light.  It will help the photograph and can often make the sky seem a deeper shade of blue. The filters in Photoshop are not as wide as the filters you can buy for your camera, but they have many of the effects you are after.

Have you ever wanted to create a star effect when taking pictures of light filtering through the trees?  You can create a star effect with any photograph by using a star effect filter.  This filter allows light to pass through a series of thin lines etched into the filter letting the light streak outward in a star shape.

There are colour-correcting filters, too. If the sky is too blue, you can choose a filter that will tame down the blue to a less bright state. If you are into underwater photography, you might have filters that allow for the underwater colours.  The colour spectrum is not great underwater. A lot of things will look red even though they are not.  It is easy to bring about the original colour of underwater life when you use special filters for colour correction.

The use of filters in photography not only allows you to create special effects, but it can help enhance the shot by adding colour or dampening the natural consequences of light.  Photography has many types of equipment that require skill and knowledge, making it an excellent hobby or profession. If you need a hobby, photography allows you to be creative.

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