3 Doors and More
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It’s hard to believe that nearly six weeks have elapsed since my last post. The key focus of my time has been on rebuilding my strength and stamina in readiness for returning to work on 14 May and resuming a normal life. I have worked on the treadmill to work on my aerobic capacity. Upper and lower body strengthening has also been a focus with exercises provided by the physiotherapists at rehabilitation.

Each year Brisbane Camera Group participates in the Rivercity Print Competition. This is an event where clubs submit several images that are judged and the club with the highest total score is the winner of the competition. I put forward a few of my images for consideration and the club chose my “3 Doors” image to be part of the club entry.

I didn’t participate in the monthly competition for April nor did I attend any of the meetings. As the month progressed, I started to venture out a bit more to test my strength and stamina. Marie and I attended a three hour “Into the Studio Workshop” at Warehouse Studios last Sunday. The first half was theory and the second half was a model shoot with a few different setups. Our model was Holly Taylor and here are some images from the shoot.


It’s so good that life is beginning to return to normal. Soon I will be able to give greater thought to my print project and start to take images to reflect my ideas. It’s unlikely I will participate in this month’s competition at Brisbane Camera Group but I should be able to the following month.

Until next time,
Happy image creating!


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