Communicating with Photography
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Since last post I have been thinking more about how to communicate what I want to say with photography. This sounds simple but can be quite hard. There needs to be a vision of what I want to achieve through the communication otherwise I really have nothing to say.

On Sunday 25 February I attended a Fotografica “Communicating With Colour” workshop. This was very stimulating as we did all the practical work as a group. This enabled us to bounce ideas off each other and to develop the concepts we wanted to communicate. Colour can be such a powerful way to communicate in a photograph.

We worked with the colour red which is so powerful. A change in lighting can impact the colour and alter its meaning. By an adjustment to the hue, luminance or saturation of a colour can create quite profound effects and aid in getting the message just right in the image.

Here are some of my images from the workshop:

Progressing through the “Master Your Craft” course has also found me in the same territory – communication. A simple but key question is: “What do you want to say and how do you want to say it? How do you want the photograph to look and feel?” The challenge to me is that there is no right or wrong response to this question that others can judge me on. Instead, my reviewing the output tells me whether I achieved what I set out to achieve.

Creativity has also been a topic of interest while I was off work with the flu. It can be hard to concentrate when running a fever, and maybe I should have read a novel or two, but no – it was creativity. A few concepts that stuck in my mind include:

  • The biggest obstacle to creating is procrastination.
  • Inspiration doesn’t happen without doing the work.
  • Doing the work involves plenty of crap images for the one or two that are “inspired”.
  • Fear of succeeding is a major cause of resistance/procrastination.

The books I read were:


​​​​​​​Also, I posted some images on Instagram I had worked on recently. Here are a couple for your enjoyment.



Until next time,
Keep on creating images!

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