Where has the Year Gone?
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Since the last post, Marie and I have both had the dreaded lurgy which has interfered with getting out and about taking images. Also, I have used time around the house to catch on some chores and trip planning that I had allowed to slip. Procrastination is sometimes my too familiar friend.

It was also a useful time to reflect on my Print Project Challenge entry and the time remaining until submission. I was shocked to realise that so much of the year has flown by with not enough progress having been made. I thought about withdrawing but the more I thought about this option, the more I knew I couldn’t do it.

A few days ago, I had a moment of “inspiration”. I decided to keep my story line but to change the images representing each stage of the story. The images would be less complicated to produce and hopefully will be more “conceptual” in nature. I think this will help me achieve the deadline and maybe end up with a better entry than originally envisaged.

Yesterday was the deadline for submission of images to the Brisbane Camera Group monthly competition. I had not prepared anything so this month I am not competing. However, I did submit some images to the “image show” that was played at the start of our Presenters Meeting last night. The images were a mix of more recent and older but all from this year. They were as follows:

Blooming Garden

Coffee and Text

Follow the Leader

Let the Bells Ring

Rest After Shopping Done


With Marie attending a photography workshop on Saturday, I am hoping to use that time to take a number of images for my Print Project Challenge entry. All being well, the bulk of images will then have been taken leaving it up to me to do my compositing in Photoshop and working with various effects to tell my story. This hopefully leaves me time to do a test print to ensure that are working out as planned.

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