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The last couple of weeks have been busy with working on my draft images for the Brisbane Camera Group Print Project Challenge. A test print was done today so I can study them to see where I need to make improvements to better convey the story being told. I am a little disappointed in how they look but that gives me a number of opportunities to improve. I suspect I may need to re-shoot some of the images to get the results that I want.

The compositing in Photoshop is proving to be a challenge. Selections that are clean are the most challenging. This is an area I will have to work hard on to ensure that I can get the images looking as I want them to. I think the next few weeks will be spent working on improving my technique with selections.

Marie and I were in Caloundra over the weekend to attend a friend’s birthday celebration and the Big Bang Burlesque show. I managed to get some images of people having fun at Moffat Beach. Here are a few of images I took on Saturday.

Fun On The Water

Wetting The Feet

Wetting The Feet 2

Can you believe it is winter in Queensland!

Until next time, happy image creating!

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