Sometimes Judges Produce Surprises
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Unfortunately Marie and I were unable to attend the Brisbane Camera Group’s Competition Judging evening last Monday. Therefore I have only received the results but not the feedback provided. This was one of the few months this year where I submitted four images for judging.

The set subject was “Self Portrait” and I only submitted one entry in this category. As my Print Project Challenge is based on a series of self portraits, I didn’t want to submit any work done to date. Instead I took one of my test shots and tried to be creative with it. This resulted in the image “Rock Solid” displayed below which received an acceptance.

Rock Solid – Acceptance

As I mentioned in the previous post, I submitted an image for judging that I also submitted for the image show. I must have experienced a “grey moment” for that to have occurred. In hindsight I was not very happy with the images I submitted in the Open section and was not expecting much at all. And that’s where sometimes the judges surprise!

I was very surprised when the image I least expected to do well received an honour. The other two images only received acceptances which was most probably all that they deserved.

Lions Guarding – Acceptance

Rusting – Acceptance

Peace Brother – Honour

Photoshop still remains largely a mystery to me. However, last Saturday I worked my way through Peter Eastway’s “How to Master Photoshop Layers” and found this to be a very useful resource. Just watching how he does his selections was a revelation and has made my workflow a lot easier. On Sunday I put my new found knowledge to work to do some proof of concepts for my Print Project Challenge.

The tutorial sections on Hayley Robert’s Photography website are also proving very useful for assisting my knowledge development. For example, she illustrates how she creates shadows in her images using Photoshop tools. So my learning journey continues.


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