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On Saturday Marie and I attended a short photo outing with the theme of Travel Photography run by Photoh. We spent time walking around parts of Southbank and then into the Brisbane CBD. As with most photo outings, there is always something to learn or be reminded of. I submitted three of the images I took during this event to the Brisbane Camera Group Digital Image show which was shown at the club meeting last night.

Here are the images:

Accident 1

This image resulted from me failing to change my camera settings back to normal after doing some project work the previous weekend. I have put the shutter on timer and failed to put it back to normal. Initially I thought my camera was playing up as it wasn’t responding when I pressed the shutter. Once I realised that it was in fact taking pictures I remembered that I had set the timer and then adjusted my settings. This images has had effects applied in Photoshop as well.

Queen of the Castle

This woman had made a number of attempts to climb onto the top of this letter. Once she was sitting on top I took the shot.

See Me Jump

This guy in the yellow suit jumped from letter to letter and I captured a number of images as he moved from one end to the other. This one is possibly the best action one out of the series.

Singing in the Mall

This image was taken within the last couple of weeks. Marie and I were working the Mall looking for images for the monthly competition. I was attracted to this image as the singer was wearing her national costume and the singing was largely A cappella.


Entries in the monthly competition had to be submitted by last night. I decided not to participate this month as I had no suitable images on the set subject and I hadn’t done sufficient work on any current images to submit them in the open category.

The previous Sunday I had started doing some test shots for my entry in the BCG Print Project Challenge. I then used these images to play around with some concepts in Photoshop involving blending of images. Ideas are still being formed and will require further testing to see if they will work.

I am looking forward to next Saturday when Marie and I will be attending a workshop on “Shoot to Print”. I am sure I will learn a great deal from this and it will help when I come to do the actual prints for my entry into the Print Project Challenge.

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