Portrait Workshop
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Last Sunday morning Marie and I attended a Portrait Workshop put on by Brisbane Camera Group. The workshop was led by John Lomas and Peter O’Brien – both are very good portrait photographers who shared their wealth of knowledge and experience with us. We had lights set up to represent a studio environment and we had some members act as models and some members brought their children along to act as models.

The various styles of lighting were demonstrated and we learned about hard light and soft light. We were also shown Rembrandt lighting, butterfly lighting, broad and short lighting. The use of reflectors was demonstrated too. We were able to also use flash triggers once we started putting what we learned into practice.

Here are some of the images I took on the day:






In the afternoon we attended the second half of the Australian Photographic Society’s National & International AV judging which was held in Brisbane this year. Seeing the quality of the AV’s and how well they structured their stories provided inspiration to aim to create some more myself once I have completed my print project challenge.


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