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It’s been an interesting couple of weeks since my last post. The Brisbane Camera Group monthly competition for April was Sport. I did not go out specifically to shoot sport in the lead up to the competition deadline, instead relying on images I had taken over the last 12 months of surfers and beach volley ball players.

When choosing my images to submit, I was not happy with any of these images. Either they were not sharp enough or the action moment was just before or just after the moment I pressed the shutter button. I think that a burst of images may well have been the best option for some of these situations.

I chose to enter 2 images in the Open DPI section instead. These images are displayed below:

Into The Surf

This image was taken at Caloundra in February 2017. We had our annual wedding anniversary holiday there and this was one of the rare mornings we chose to get up and embrace the early morning light. I really enjoy this image but the judge only thought it was worth an acceptance.

Me and My Hula Hoop

This image was taken 1 April 2017 in King George Square, Brisbane. Marie had suggested we go into town to get some images and when we arrived I was keen to head to the mall. Instead Marie suggested we start in King George Square and so we did. Thanks to Marie I was able to get this image. The judge awarded it a merit and made a comment suggesting that I may have a tad too much contrast.

May’s competition topic is “emotion”. An extract from the Club’s definition reads as “Photos with emotion convey a mood or an atmosphere and pull the viewer into the scene; they tell or encourage a story and tug at the heartstrings. Photos with emotion may transport the viewer to another time or place, or evoke certain feelings that make them engage with the photo.

The deadline for submission is May 8 so I don’t have a lot of time to capture images that meet this topic. While I have noticed a few scenes as I have walked around at lunch time, I have been hesitant to pull out my phone camera and take a shot. If I am to capture some images, I’ll need to find some extra courage or alternatively endeavour to set up some scenes. Otherwise I will be competing in the Open section again.

Last Saturday, Marie and I attended a workshop on Conceptual Photography. I found this to be of great value as it has made me rethink some aspects of my Print Project Challenge. To be creative in approach requires me to be less fixed on my initial ideas and be prepared to test options to see if they improve the planned image.

For example, what would be the impact of subtracting an element of the image? We were given a list of items we could consider in our process to discover the image that best fits our concept. One danger I face is using something that is too cliché. Therefore, I need to think deeper to be able to convey my message in a way that makes the viewer stop and study the image.

My Print Project Challenge is coming along. I have acquired most of the props I need to start creating images. Then it’s a matter of doing the work, then reworking, then doing the work until the images are ready for submission.

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