Monthly Competition Results and Planning My Print Project Challenge Submission
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It has been some time since I have posted. I had been aiming to participate in the February monthly competition but I wasn’t happy with any of my images so I did not submit any. The topic of minimalism proved to be more challenging than I had expected.

The March competition topic was graffiti/street art. The club definition was quite lengthy and for the purpose of this challenge it could be freehand paint, marker pen or stencil or combination of any of the elements. The Graffiti Art should be a major component of the image; however as it is art in it’s own right the photographer really needs to add another element/angle to make it their own art. So a number of pieces shown in context of the location within the same image would be considered a change to make it yours own. Also the adding of a person or object can change the context again making it your own art.

I submitted two images instead of the usual four as I want to devote more time to my print project challenge. The image titled “This Ol House” gained an acceptance and the major criticism was the unnatural colours. The image projected on the screen at the meeting last night did have a colour cast that I felt was different to what I had seen on my screen. This image appears below.

“This Ol House”

The other image I submitted was “Passing David”. I have to thank my wife Marie for spotting this piece of street art and in effect I stole her idea. This image was awarded a merit and the judge indicated that it could possibly be further improved by increasing the exposure by a stop. This image appears below.

“Passing David”

During March I spent time refining my ideas for the print project challenge. Those participating needed to submit their artist statement by last night. I achieved this deadline. I am now looking for the props I will need for the images I want to create. Here is my artist statement.


“Each of us, as Whitman writes, does ‘..contain multitudes’. Contacting the jostling crowd of inner selves, giving them a chance to speak and to act, can greatly enrich our lives.” (Julia Cameron, “The Vein of Gold” page 87)

This work focuses on the initial 5 inner selves I recognised in 2001 together with one additional self in 2015. These 6 inner selves represent a large portion of my life. Some are very public and well recognised. Others I have kept hidden in the shadows as I tried to keep them from public view. However, there were times when they showed their face and I was surprised by my lack of control. Only 4 of the 6 inner selves will be recognised in this project.

With thanks to encouragement from Marie (my wife), this has developed from the initial work into a creative pursuit. My tentative first steps were a short poem followed by considering how to compose classical music to describe each of the characters. Each of these attempts stalled. However, since resuming my interest in photography, I have this opportunity to use images to tell my story.

I believe photography can be a healing tool to improve my life for the better. This topic has “fermented” over 16 years. These images will be created as a self-development exercise to enable my inner selves a chance to speak and act. It is only through accepting their existence and giving them space to express themselves that I can lessen the surprises they sometimes hold in store for me.

All images will begin as photographs before being manipulated in Photoshop to produce prints reflecting the vision I hold for each of the inner selves. The artistic challenge will be in portrait making and using Photoshop to tell the story through combining multiple images.

Overall, I hope this project will enrich my life and given me more acceptance of these inner selves (particularly the ones I attempt to keep hidden) as well as further develop my artistic skills in photography.

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The monthly competition topic for April is Sport. I plan on using some images I have taken over the last few months for this competition rather than seeking new images. My stronger focus will be on the print project challenge – refining my vision for the 6-8 prints I need to produce and acquiring the props I need so I can start testing some concepts in camera.

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