A New Year and Fresh Challenges and Opportunities
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Happy New Year everyone! Here we are at the start of another year which is going to have its own unique challenges and opportunities I am sure.

Over the last few weeks I have given thought to what areas I need to focus on to improve my photography skills. My initial goal list is:

  • Take more photographs asking myself how I can improve this image. Move around more and work the scene. Participate in more BCG outings.
  • Learn how to use Photoshop so I can create images that are truly altered reality.
  • Plan my workflow so I can enter more prints in the BCG monthly competitions.
  • Do the BCG Print Project Challenge as a means to stretch myself and further develop my skills.
  • Do some short photography courses that will help me improve my landscapes, architecture (internal & external images) and portraits.

My focus at the moment is on the February monthly competition which is “minimalism” and the Print Project Challenge. Minimalism is a style employed by many 20th century artists, using a minimum number of components such as colour, shape, line and texture. I am looking through images I have taken in the last year or so to see if they may qualify as well as trying to get some fresh images.

Marie and I have been out on the weekend looking for opportunities. Here are a couple of images taken that with a bit of work may be okay to submit.

Water Slide 1

Water Slide 2

The first step in the Print Project Challenge is to write an artist statement which will guide how the project unfolds. While it doesn’t need to be submitted until late March, I would like to start work on it sooner rather than later. The end product is seven to ten prints to be submitted for judging. Submission is late September so it is a 6 month project.

One of the reasons I want to start sooner is my topic for the images is challenging and I suspect I may be biting off more than I can chew. The concept is still being fleshed out and already a number of props will be needed along with very much improved Photoshop skills. Also, I have started writing the artist statement but it is still some distance from being ready to submit.

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