Annual Competition Results 2016
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Sorry for not having posted here for so long. The submission of entries for the BCG Annual Competition deadline is the day we found out how our October monthly competition images performed. That together with general busyness has contributed to a lack of content being posted.

For the first time since joining a photography club, Marie and I submitted some print images into the competition. Approximately half our images were prints with the balance being DPIs. Prints add a whole new level of challenge to the competition. A key learning for me was that while I can get away with a deep crop in a DPI submission, often the same won’t work for a print. Detail is lost and you are better off getting closer to the subject when taking the image rather than using the crop tool afterwards.

The Annual Competition has 6 categories one can enter into. There is a total limit of 4 images per category. The categories are and I submitted as follows:

  • Pictorial Monochrome – 0 DPIs & 4 Prints entered
  • Pictorial Colour – 0 DPIs & 4 Prints entered
  • Nature – 2 DPIs & 2 Prints
  • People – 4 DPIs & 0 Prints
  • Creative / Experimental – 2 DPIs & 2 Prints
  • Social Documentary / Photojournalism – 2 DPIs & 2 Prints

Firstly I must congratulate Marie who won a trophy for Best Colour Print. She did amazingly well for the first time in print competition.

I placed 2nd in the Creative / Experimental category AB Grade for the DPI “Summertime Blues”.

Summer Time Blues

In the Pictorial Colour category AB Grade, I placed 3rd for my print “At The End Of The Day”.

At the End of the Day

Interestingly, in the Annual Awards last year I placed 2nd and 3rd in the Pictorial Colour category B Grade for the DPIs I submitted both of which were taken later in the day. This year in AB Grade (where the competition is a lot stronger), the image I took later in the day was rewarded too. There is a strong message there for me about being more aware of the quality of the light and how it impacts on the colour palette. I know Marie will say that I need to be more concerned with getting the image rather than getting food in my belly.

To see all the images I entered into the Annual Competition, please visit my Gallery by clicking on the Gallery link above.

Now that the year is complete, it is time for a little reflection. The points scored in the monthly competitions were just enough to entitle me to be offered a promotion to A Grade. I deferred the offer for a couple of reasons: I only just scraped over the line and would like to clear the hurdle with some air; and, until the annual competition I had never entered prints. In 2017, I aim to enter between 25 to 50% of my submissions as prints.

Why am I making images? What do I want them to say? What unique things about me do I bring to my artwork? Each of us, as Whitman wrote, contains multitudes. Who are the multitudes within me and how do they express themselves? By contemplating on these questions I think I can improve my images and create a project theme for the BCG Print Project that is being run in 2017.

One of the big dangers in life is to stop learning. This leads to boredom, stagnation and a loss of interest in living life. However, by continuing to learn you help keep yourself fresh and interested in the world you live in. So in 2017 I plan to enhance my skills in both the technical and creative aspects of my art.

In case I don’t post again until January, have a Merry Christmas and all the very best for a peaceful and successful 2017!


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