BCG Last Digital Show for the Year
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Each Focus Meeting night, Brisbane Camera Group has an image show where members submit up to four images. These can be any sort of image – experimental, testing how an image looks on a large screen, are just some of the reasons members submit images.

I often forget or miss the deadline to submit but this month I remembered and have submitted four images. It will be interesting to see how they compare to the other images submitted when they are shown on a large screen on Monday night.


Watch Out Radar

This image was taken within the last month on the Riverwalk near New Farm. The guy on the cycle saw me taking photos and shouted out to those following him “Watch out! Radar!”. Hence the title of this image. I have played around and applied an effect to try to make the image more interesting.


Bails on the Beach

This image was taken on Sunshine Beach near Noosa a couple of months ago. I was surprised to see these bails of hay at the back of the beach and wondered why they were there. I took a few photos of these bails as they seemed so out of place to me.


SOQ Passing Through

This image was taken when I was looking for images to enter into the monthly competition when the subject was “Transport”. The image was taken at Bowen Hills train station as the Spirit of Queensland passed through the station on its way to Cairns. I attempted to capture the reflections as it passed through at a high enough shutter speed not to imply motion. Maybe it may have looked more artistic with a slower shutter speed.


Clock Tower

A few months ago we visited Ipswich to see what photos we could take. This clock tower is above the post office in one of the main streets. I like the detail in this photo. You can almost count each brick in the image it is so clear. It may not be a world beating image but the clarity and crispness are very good.


Tomorrow, Marie and I are helping with the BCG annual judging of the prints competition. We are not judging the prints, just helping in the flow of prints to the judges so they can do their job. The results of our entries in the annual competition won’t be known until the annual dinner in December. 


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