Monthly Competition – Transport
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I struggled to get enthused about this month’s topic. The thought of capturing anything creative or unique that would qualify for this topic seemed out of reach. While I submitted 4 images into the set subject, I was tempted to enter some images into the open section.

Marie and I had a couple of weekends away to capture images in different locations which may lead to different images. 3 of the 4 images I submitted were captured on the Gold Coast and one in Brisbane.  Also, all images were captured within the month.

Here’s the images I submitted and my reflections on the judge’s comments:

Another On Time Delivery

Another On Time Delivery (Merit)

I was fortunate to receive a merit for this image. The judge liked the colour palate and the capture. It could be improved through not showing the ocean and avoiding the awkward angle of the excavator arm on the left hand side. From my perspective, maybe I should have submitted an image that showed the truck tipping the rocks and being assisted by the excavator.

Heading Home

Heading Home (Acceptance)

The major factor impacting this image’s result was the distractions near the vehicle. The timber gate and fence on the left side of the vehicle and the fencing on the right hand side. Also, capturing the vehicle from a different angle would have been an improvement.

Indian Motorcycle

Indian Motorcycle (Acceptance)

This image I had mixed hopes for – I thought it was good enough for a merit but I may have left it too dark resulting in an acceptance. As it turned it, it was given an acceptance and the judge said I should bring out more detail in the engine area and draw more attention to the reflected motorcycle.

Snoopy & Friends Fly Jetstar

Snoopy & Friends Fly Jetstar (Acceptance)

I didn’t have high hopes for this one – it was submitted due to it’s novelty value. The judge said that as the plane wheels are down, he would have liked to have seen the ground included in the image. That would have added more to the image.


Overall, I am pleased to receive a merit. Having moved from B grade to AB grade this year has been a challenge and to receive a merit every so often encourages me to keep on trying to develop my skills – particularly in the post production area.

The October competition is “faceless portraits”. I am debating with myself whether to enter the competition or not. Images are also due in October for the Brisbane Camera Group Annual Competition. It all comes down to time available and priorities. Already I have decided not to enter the Annual AV Competition as I don’t have the time to do it justice.



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