A Month of Acceptances
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Another tough month with a topic that on the surface appeared easy but in practice was a lot more difficult. The topic definition was: “What are the creative uses for a piece of paper? The paper should be the subject by showing the uses or effects of the paper on the other elements in the image.

The month ended up being bit of an experiment: 2 entries in the set subject and 2 entries in the open category. The result was 4 acceptances which I found a little disappointing but I can accept the feedback provided by the judge.

My set subject entries were:

Where Am I

Where Am !?
Skin tones were an issue especially for the man on the right. These need to be right for an image to reach merit or honour.

Read Me

Read Me
Obviously the judge didn’t like this image as his comment was simply “lost in space”. No other feedback provided so he must have thought there were no redeeming features.


My Open entries were:Looking EastLooking East
I worked on bringing the detail out in the clouds. However, what let it down was the horizon was not level and the foreground could have been cropped more. Both of these comments are very useful learnings from this image.

Silky Smooth

Silky Smooth
This image was submitted as a monochrome to see what impact it had. The judge said he could see what I was trying to do but there are many harsh edges in the image so it couldn’t be silky smooth. I find it hard to believe that maybe a change in title may have led to a different grade.


Marie and I are now working on the topic for next month which is “Transport”. The definition is “A picture which may feature wheeled vehicular transport in any of the diverse way people travel on the planet.” Now to find some unusual modes of transport that qualify for this topic with the challenge of how to stand out from the crowd.

Also, we are working on our possible entries into the club’s annual competition. There are a range of categories to enter. So, there is plenty to keep use occupied.


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  1. It really is good work, I’d suggest you are not that far being very good!

    1. Thanks John.

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