What Is It? My Best Month for a While
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Last night was an amazing night! The quality of images submitted by my fellow members was of a very high standard which was reflected in the results received. We had a very well respected judge in Melissa Anderson who always provides us with constructive feedback. She congratulated the club on the high quality of the images and how members were innovative and creative in their submissions.

The images were all in keeping with the competition requirements of images that astonish, delight or amaze; that are eye catching and make the viewer look twice. Predominantly abstract, the subject should leave the viewer guessing twice about the subject and compelled to keep studying the image. The images may be of the unusual, odd, unique or rare; or of something not seen in everyday life.

Marie and I both had successful submissions in our grade level with Marie taking home 3 merits and 1 honour while I was fortunate to receive 2 merits and 2 honours. Marie was particularly creative in her approach and it was great to see her be rewarded. The images I submitted are below:

Return To Sender Address Unknown

Return to Sender Address Unknown – Merit

Padlock and Chain

Padlock & Chain – Merit

Let Me In

Let Me In – Honour

Urban Patchwork

Urban Patchwork – Honour


Next month’s challenge is “Piece of paper”. The guidance provided says “What are the creative uses for a piece of paper? The paper should be the subject by showing the uses or effects of the paper on the other elements in the image.”

Now it’s time to get out there and let the creative juices flow!

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