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The definition for this month’s Brisbane Camera Group competition was “demonstrate creative use of stairs within architecture or a place”. While this seemed like an easier topic than last month, it was not without its challenges.

Marie and I spent a few Saturday’s searching for interesting steps or stairs that may not be as photographed as some more readily accessible ones. Trips to Byron Bay and the Gold Coast were made in the hope of finding that unique image that would wow the judge. In the end, I used a mixture of old and new images for this competition.

The images I submitted were:

Following The Path

Following The Path – Acceptance

Taken earlier this year in Noosa National Park, this image was considered more an image of a “nice” scene rather than the set topic of stairs. Also, there were areas of brightness in the lower part of the image that distracted. Also, there were areas of softness indicating problems with the depth of field.

Step Right Up Knock On My Door

Step Right Up Knock On My Door – Acceptance

Areas of brightness to the left of the stairs highlighted other objects as the subject of the image rather than the stairs. This image was taken in Adelaide on a visit there last year.

Steps To Heaven

Steps to Heaven – Acceptance

Taken last year near Maleny (Sunshine Coast Hinterland) as part of the work I did for the “Places of Worship” monthly competition, this image was considered soft. The judge spoke of the need to have appropriate depth of field and, if need be, using a tripod to get pin sharp images. This is a timely reminder to me that I need to put more focused effort into creating the images I want.

Through The Steps

Through The Steps – Merit

This was the only image submitted that was made in the month preceding the competition closing date. Taken in Byron Bay, it was an image that resulted from a desire to create an image out of the circumstances. I liked the set of stairs but I wasn’t prepared to wait for the person sitting on them to move on. Also, I was reluctant to photograph the stairs with her sitting there. So I walked around to the rear of the stairs and thought there may be an image to capture here. While the image has some areas where it can be improved, I was pleased to receive a merit for it.


The next challenge is “What Is It”. The definition is:
“We look forward to seeing images that astonish, delight or amaze; that are eye catching and make the viewer look twice. Predominantly abstract, the subject should leave the viewer guessing twice about the subject and compelled to keep studying the image. The images may be of the unusual, odd, unique or rare; or of something not seen in everyday life. Images should be in good taste.”

I am sure there will be some amazing images presented to the judges by my fellow members. Marie and I are trying to stir up our creative juices so that we can create our own unique submissions that will astonish, delight or amaze.


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