An Unwanted First Experience
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The set subject for this month was “Shoes” for the BCG monthly competition. I found this to be a challenging topic, especially as I am currently having difficulty in becoming creatively enthused by the competition topics this year. The guidance for this month’s topic was:

“An image which depicts shoes as the main point of interest; shown pictorially as opposed to still life.

The shoe doesn’t necessarily have a foot in it, but the photograph should convey more than just a “studio portrait” of a shoe or shoes.  The image could be classified in many ways: pictorial or creative (where the aesthetic dominates), street photography, photojournalism or social documentary (where various kinds of story dominate).”

All my images are classified as street photography. This month was another first for me – an unwanted one in that 2 of my images were graded as non-acceptance. This means that they were considered to be lacking sufficient quality to be accepted. Maybe my performance could have been improved if I have taken a more creative approach to the topic.

Covering Your Back

Covering Your Back – Non-Acceptance

This image was a non-acceptance as it was considered blurry and lacking sharpness.


R U OK – Non-Acceptance

This image was a non-acceptance due to poor composition and lacking sharpness.

Silvery Shoes

Silvery Shoes – Acceptance

This image was just an acceptance and while the background pattern was nice, it did not have enough interest.

Walking Away Hey

Walking Away Hey – Acceptance

The judge liked the complementary colours and the way the feet synchronised.


So what did I learn from this month’s results? Some judges can be very tough and it is important to maintain a high standard if I want to ensure that I receive a minimum grading of acceptance. I think I also need to experiment more and look for more creative ways to express the topic. Each of my images had a sameness to them – I need to look at ways to vary the story presented. I must test different approaches and get feedback on those rather than just playing “safe”.

The June set subject is “Stairs and Steps” which is defined as: “Demonstrate creative use of stairs within architecture or a place.”

Now I am off to chase images for this subject and to apply what I have learned so far on my journey. I wonder what images I will create for this topic.

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