Homework Completed & Competition Preparations
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Last Wednesday at the Masters Apprentices Camera Club, I presented my homework. This month we were required to produce 2 street photography images – one in colour and one in monochrome.

Where To From Here (Colour)

I was standing on the platform waiting for my train when I looked up and saw this bike which looked very interesting. I then saw the couple – one studying a map and the other studying their phone. Both appeared to be deeply engrossed. I quickly pulled out my phone and captured this image.

Where To From Here (Monochrome)
Where To From Here (Monochrome)

While the colours on the bike, and the safety vests worn by the couple, stand out and attract interest in the image, I feel that the picture lacks sharpness in places. It’s as though the camera didn’t know what to focus on. Being a phone camera (Samsung Galaxy S5), it does lack the functionality and performance of my DSLR.

Fading Light on the M1 - Original
Fading Light on the M1 – Original

The monochrome version disappoints me as the vibrancy of the colour has not carried over. The picture looks sharper in monochrome but that fails to offset the loss of contrast that the vibrant colours do provide.

Fading Light on the M1 – Reworked

Part 2 of the homework was to take an old image and rework it in a completely different way. I chose to rework an image I submitted to the Brisbane Camera Group May 2015 monthly competition for long exposure. The image only gained an acceptance and the judge indicated that there were distractions due to more than one road with light lines and that the image was too bright.

When reworking the image, I tried to put into practice all that I have learned since then, especially about post processing. I went back to the original raw file and started afresh with a harder crop to remove the distractions. I then tried to tone down anything that was too bright and bring out more detail in what was too dark. To get a completely different image to the original, I decided to convert it to monochrome. I think the new composition in monochrome is a definite improvement on the original. Let me know in the comments whether you agree with me or not and why.

The April Competition topic for Brisbane Camera Group is “Lines”. The definition is: “Images where lines are the significant compositional element. ┬áThe lines should be the subject, or create the subject in an aesthetic manner.

Images are due in tomorrow evening. We are allowed to submit a total of 4 images. At the moment, I have a shortlist of 5 so I am nearly there. As many as 250 images were reviewed to produce a shortlist of 30. I worked on most of these images and then shortlisted down to 20, then 15, then 10 and now 5. I am not sure how they will perform in the competition as it can depend on what the judge may be looking for. A technically correct image may not be awarded a merit or honor because it lacks that something special.

Here is a small selection of the images that didn’t make the shortlist of 5.





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