Week 12 Thoughts & Reflections (Final)
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The Photography & Social Media course has now been completed and I await whether I have passed or failed. I am sure the result will be a pass.

This week I have submitted and received critiques of my images, finalised my project and submitted it for assessment and published my project on social media. My project was titled “At The Beach” and it has been posted here: http://www.facebook.com/KevinSinclairPhotoArtist/ – when you visit the page, be sure to give it some love!

My images were critiqued by my peers and here is a selection of some of the comments they made.

“To me, your images told the story from the beginning to the end and flowed nicely. From the isolation of the beach at the beginning of the day through to the dusk image, it just worked. I liked how you introduced people into the story, having fun and then showing emptiness due to the bad weather. I enjoyed the little side trip of introducing nature to us rather than just focussing entirely on the human element.”

“Image 1 is beautiful. It has an interesting balance of serenity and action. The lack of people, land or buildings makes it seem calm and serene, but the blustery waves rolling in to the shore give it a sense of movement and wildness. I like that you’ve cropped it to remove any distractions; it makes me wonder about what i can’t see and wish that I could walk along and explore outside the frame. Awesome!”

“Image 6 is stunning. At first glance, I thought that I was looking at a leaf or a flower that had washed ashore. The fact that it is completely natural and not set up by yourself makes it even more intriguing.”

“The sunset colours are soft and gentle, which is nice as usually all you see are strong, bold colours. I really enjoy the soft long exposure of the water rushing out. I wonder though, is it at all possible to brighten the foreground a little? I would love to see those smooth waters a bit brighter and think that it would really enhance this shot.”

The peer feedback was very encouraging and I feel that I have successfully told the story that I set out to achieve. The feedback from my Tutor highlighted the image that let my series down. My image of the crab was not quite in focus and needed to be removed. I had worked through all my crab images and discarded many for that reason. This one looked okay to me. However, this demonstrates the value of having someone review your images that has no attachment to them.

My tutor also gave me some valuable suggestions about sizing my images for social media.

After a careful review of the images that just missed the cut for the series, I selected the image below to replace the crab. I think the series still works with the new image included.

At The Beach 05

I have really enjoyed doing this course and it has been great to learn how to present myself online and how to prepare a series of images as a theme or story for display or presentation. If you are interested in doing the course, there is a new intake starting in April. Here is the link to enrol: http://www.utas.edu.au/arts/photography-and-social-media

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