Thoughts & Reflections – Week 9
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This week I have continued to explore my “Plan B” for the second project. Over the years my wife and I have holidayed at least once a year by the coast. The sound of the ocean and the smell of the salty sea air serves to relax and refresh us. Therefore, seascapes is a topic or theme that resonates with me.

One of the exercises we were required to do this week was to share our sources of inspiration for our Project. Here are some of mine.

Louise Denton takes some amazing seascape images. This image particularly appeals to me due to its simplicity and the shades of blue. The driftwood is on the rule of thirds line as is the horizon. The composition is very pleasing as a result. Also, the image was taken with a slow shutter speed to obtain the lovely smooth water.

This image by Tao Jones also appeals to me. I really love the reflections he has captured. The rock, sky and people are all nicely reflected on the wet sand. The horizon is approximately half way in the image which is very suitable when photographing reflections. The colours are amazing and the image was possibly taken late in the day.

Patrick Smith’s image is amazing for its simplicity and reflections. Given the depth of colours and the red glow in the sky it was either taken at sunrise or sunset. It was shot with slow shutter speed to blur the water. The rocky archway is the key point of interest in the image and there is nothing to distract the viewer.

Darren Bennett has some wonderful images also. This one caught my attention due to the amazing detail in the two rocks that feature in the foreground. This image was taken at either sunrise or sunset with potential stormy skies. A slow shutter speed was used to blur water. The very detailed rocks in foreground definitely make a statement and I just love the colours.

Last but not least, this image by Mel Sinclair (no relation) is amazing. It was taken either at sunrise or sunset with a slow shutter speed to blur the water and clouds. A solitary tree stands in the water to create a centre of interest. I really enjoy the colours in this image and the way the clouds have blurred. Beautiful!

After looking at the Tutor Tumblr I was left with the thought that it could be a good idea to limit the area being covered. For example, an idea could be different views out of the one window. Or maybe in my case I can do different views from the unit balcony where we are staying in Caloundra. This is certainly worth thinking about.

To summarise my sources of inspiration, they are generally strong in colour due to being taken at sunrise or sunset and have a simple point of interest. They are not busy or complicated. Slow shutter speeds are used to obtain water and cloud blur. At least some of my images should follow this approach.

A number the readings this week have focused on image editing – the software to use, how to do it such as basic adjustments and fixing common problems. I have invested in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop as my tools of choice and have had lessons on Lightroom before starting this course. My intention is to continue to improve my skills using these tools rather than be diverted into other areas. Also, I don’t feel comfortable using phone apps to edit photos. I shoot in RAW with my Nikon and desktop tools in my opinion are best for this.

I would like to improve my skills using Photoshop and there are many avenues open to me to learn from. On completion of this course I am planning to do some training on using Photoshop more effectively.

_KGS0067Here is a selection of some images that I have taken this week. This image taken at Coolum Beach is one that I enjoy. To improve it would require that I shoot it either at sunrise or sunset. I could also check the tide times to see if I could obtain blurred water around the rocky foreground. This would make it a more interesting image.

_KGS0145The next image is at Dicky Beach and shows parents watching their children doing surf life saving training. It is late in the day and the shadows are long. I like the strong colours but feel that the sand is in need of more colour. I need to think about this further to work out how I would achieve that. Also, it is a busy shot so maybe I could look for a particular point of interest to focus on to make the image simpler and more striking.

_KGS0122This image was taken at Alexandra Headland and I was fascinated by the patterns in the sand. Beaches aren’t just about people and surf; they are also about nature in all its glory. These patterns are a reminder to me of that.

Below are some of the other images I have taken this week for my Project.


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