Thoughts & Reflections – Week 11
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This is the final week of learning activities and a time for finalising Project 2. The reading this week is an article from ABC Radio National titled “Digital Photography: Message and Memory”. This was thought provoking and made me ask myself why I take photos.

My observation is that people generally take photos for a variety of reasons. The younger generation seem more predisposed to the selfie culture where they control the image that they want to portray of themselves.

Others have a desire to document their life through images and if it’s not in a photo, it didn’t happen. Interestingly, I read recently (wish I could remember the source) that our moods and well-being can colour the images that we create. If we are in a happy place, our images tend to reflect this, and vice versa. That said, in this day and age of controlling how we project ourselves through our images, I wonder if people can see through our uploaded images to discover the real person.

The reason I take photos is so that I can create. I resumed photography as a means to rekindle that creative spirit within myself. My aim has been to become more technically proficient as well as learning how to use software tools to tell stories, alter reality, create art and maybe even to develop further as a person. I tend to feel better about my life when I am in a creative mode.

This is also the week for submitting images for peer critiques. I will also need to critique 2 of my peers as well. The images I have submitted for critique are below and may be in the final 10 chosen for Project 2.

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