Thoughts & Reflections – Week 10
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This week has been a busy one with plenty of photos taken and many to process in preparation for my second project. I am refining my theme from “seascapes” to “at the beach”. I feel that “seascapes” is too open whereas “at the beach” provides a stronger focus and enables images with greater detail.

The readings this week have been really interesting. The ownership of digital images and how to protect your rights are enormous topics with many variations depending on which country you live in and in which country you are seeking redress in. With laws being different in other countries, it can be really hard to enforce your rights. In some countries, it may even be impossible to do so.

I have shared a number of images online over the last year or so mainly via Instagram. To protect my rights I have only uploaded lower resolution photos so that they aren’t print quality. I have not done any searching to see if any of my images have been used without my permission. I expect that other will respect my ownership and credit me should they share my image with others.

After reading some of the articles, I am going to do some reverse image searching just in case some of my images may have been used for commercial purposes. If I find that they have then I will seek the removal of the image and/or payment of compensation.

I am now starting to watermark my images as additional protection. One of the articles mentioned that if someone removes the watermark to use your image then they have wilfully breached your copyright. I am also giving further thought to how to increase the protection of my images as I improve my skills and produce higher quality images.

Starting this week, I am going to have my camera include my copyright information directly into the file as the shutter is pressed. That way I know that each and every image will have that in the metadata. I also plan to investigate using Google Alerts, and as tools to track down infringements of my copyright.

A review of the usage of my image will inform the action I will take. Where it is for commercial use or where it degrades my image/brand, then action should be taken. There has been some really useful information in the readings this week.

An image going viral is another area of digital life that we need to be aware of. While I generally don’t share images by others, I know plenty of people who share lots of material created by people other than themselves. If one of my images went viral I think I would be grateful for free publicity. However, the amount of control I have of the outcome of the sharing is non-existent so who knows how it could all end. Maybe 5 seconds of fame and no money in the bank account!

I regard images going viral like winning the lotto. It all depends on being out there but to aim for it is useless. If it happens, it happens. The chances of it happening are as good as winning the lotto.

Here is a small selection of images I am working on for my second project.

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