Week 8 – Thoughts & Reflections
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This week there were many readings provided that caused me to stop, think and review my progress. Also, a number of questions were posed to contemplate.

For example, do I want to work with a theme or story for Project 2? The more I think about this, the more flexible I am becoming. My initial thoughts were a theme. Now, I may need to consider a story given the circumstances I find myself in.

20160123-_KGS9387-2There are many benefits in story but my chosen topic doesn’t lend itself to story. However, with the adverse weather conditions limiting my ability to get the shots I want, my busy diary for the coming week, and Marie and I being away from 6 to 14 February inclusive, I think I need a plan B in case I can’t physically complete “My Toowong”. Plan B may well involve a story.

It seems to me that stories are easiest when based around a set period of time, ie., like a day. When an event is involved, then it is easier to have a start, middle and finish. While Marie and I are away, I may need to have as Plan B documenting a day in our holiday. This would then be a story.

20160123-_KGS9459-EditaAnother option for Plan B could be to use the images I already have for “My Toowong” and Photoshop them as “works of art” instead of as photographs. This may enable me to rescue my theme if it gets to that stage. Some examples of “works of art” are included in this post.

One of the things I am enjoying about this course is being reminded of various techniques and strategies for shooting images that I often forget such as to shoot from many different angles. I need to remember this as I sometimes pic one or two angles and then think I am done. However, I could easily be overlooking some amazing images through not shooting more.

20160123-_KGS9465-2I definitely still need to shoot a few different locations for some of my key images of Toowong. I haven’t shot enough so need to do more. Also, I need to take light conditions, time of day and other composition factors into account to create images with impact. The weather hasn’t been king to me lately.

Many useful ideas come to me while reading the weekly materials provided. An example is the idea of a cover shot that summarizes the story. Maybe I need to go up to Mount Coot-ha and take an overview shot of Toowong. The establishing shot showing a wider view to give a sense of place, time, occasion, etc. Definitely food for thought. For my detail shots I could be going in closer and more tightly composed. Again food for thought. A closing image to end the story? Not sure how to apply to a theme but well worth further contemplation.

After reading the article that spoke about colour and the impact it can have on emotions, I need to ensure my choices of images don’t reflect negatively on Toowong as that would not be consistent with my theme. Therefore, grey skies are a “turn off” and blue skies with white fluffy clouds would be okay. The weather isn’t helping at the moment.

Also, the other big idea for me from this week’s readings was to “use a unique vantage point”. I need to reflect on how I can produce some of my images in ways that haven’t been done by others. Perhaps I should consider making all my images the same shape and size as well.


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