Week 7 – Thoughts & Reflections
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This week has been about image taking and experimenting. My theme for Project 2 is “My Toowong” and I walked around a number of locations looking for images that express what Toowong is and what it means to me. So far I have taken approximately 280 images that I am starting to work on.

20160123-_KGS923220160123-_KGS9268My initial thoughts have been how do I show that Toowong is a hilly suburb. The image on the left shows this with the road disappearing out of sight due to the slope. The image on the right shows looking from the bottom of the slope to the top.

The challenge I face is making images like these have impact. These were taken on an overcast day. Perhaps, taking these around dawn or dusk on a clearer day may aid creating the impact I am seeking. Maybe I need to include people or cars in the image to give a better sense of perspective. Plenty of food for thought and well worth experimenting with.

20160123-_KGS9237-2Another thought I had was making the images into “works of art” using Photoshop. Which would best make my theme come to life? The image on the right shows one of the photos converted into art using Photoshop. This image shows a house on the corner of the street with the steep incline. The steep incline sign is in the image. Also, it shows some of the colorful gardens around the area and the style of housing. I am not sure if it makes the image have more impact or not. I also need to ask myself whether it tells the story that I want to tell.


20160123-_KGS928920160123-_KGS9289-2Marie (my wife) accompanied me on the photo shoot for these images. She told me about a community garden that I was not aware of. It was only a short walk from home and totally new to me. The image on the left shows the sign pointing to this garden and the surrounding neighborhood. On the right is the Photoshop “word of art” version that I am experimenting with.

Here is a selection of the images I have taken this week for my project:


Here is some of the images as “works of art” using Photoshop:


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