Week 6 Thoughts & Reflections
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This was project 1 submission week. I was impatient to submit my work in case something happened and I missed the deadline. In my haste I submitted without having received my tutor’s feedback on the critique from last week. The three selfies that I chose to submit were:


If I had waited for my tutor’s feedback, I may have changed my submission. Overall, her feedback was very positive. However, she did highlight some issues that I needed to consider. As the first image is a composite created from two images with different lighting conditions, applying effects would aid in eliminating this issue. She preferred a shot that had effects applied that looked aged (the second Selfie 1 in last weeks post).

The other issue was with the third selfie where my chin disappears into the frame which can be unflattering. Also, the third Selfie 3 (see last weeks post) had a cracked paint texture applied which she found distracting and was concerned about the lines impacting on eyes and teeth. She thought this image with a different treatment may even be better than the first Selfie 3.

Alas it was too late to change my submission. However, I did play around with a couple more versions taking into account the feedback she provided. Below are the resulting images:

20150618-KGS_1928v3-Edit-2 20160102-_KGS9183-Edit-3

This week we started thinking about Project 2: Images for a Social World – the next assessment item. Basically we need to produce 10 images for posting on a social media site. The key questions I need to consider for Project 2 are:

  • What is my theme?
  • Who is the audience for my pictures?
  • Which is the best platform for sharing these images?

Recently I have been reflecting on the fact that I have lived approximately half my life in Queensland with most of that time spent living in Toowong. This led me to arrive at the working title for my theme to be “My Toowong”. I plan to explore the reasons for me staying here so long and what I love about Toowong.

Some key features of Toowong that I could photograph for this project are:

  • Inn on the Park site
  • Looking towards Mount Coot-tha
  • Toowong Round-a-bout
  • Toowong Cemetery
  • Brisbane Botanical Gardens
  • Planetarium
  • Toowong Village
  • Anzac Park
  • Westbrook Park
  • Toowong Creek
  • Cat & Fiddle Shopping
  • Steep Streets ie Gower, Duke, Bywong, Miskin (leading to Stanley)
  • Dean Street Shops
  • Toowong Bowls Club
  • Toowong Bus Depot
  • Regatta Hotel
  • Regatta Ferry Terminal

Obtaining images that have impact of many of these sites will test my skill and capability. But hey, that’s what learning is all about. I feel excited about this project and what may come out of it. In thinking about the audience for these images, my thoughts immediately come to family. They will be my primary audience. The best site to share these images with my family is Facebook. I may need to fine tune some of these thoughts as I progress with the project.

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