Week 5 Thoughts and Reflections
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This week was critique week.  I had to post at least 3 images, with a short description of what I was aiming to achieve with the photographs. My submission was:

Selfie 1


Selfie 2


Selfie 3



These images were made so I could use them as profile pictures for my website and related social media accounts. My day job is in an unrelated profession but it colors the way I look at profile pictures. My urge was to ensure the images look “professional” in a business sense. Each image started as a possible “professional” image as I felt uncomfortable taking selfies that were a bit “arty”. Each one reflects some part of my photography work gear. The hats are used when taking outdoor images. The vest has many pockets and is used to hold gear that I may need. I then decided that a photo artist would have had something “arty” so I worked on the additional images.

The process of having my images critiqued wasn’t as anxiety producing as I had imagined. I think the monthly competitions at the camera club and hearing the judges’ critiques prepared me for this. To date, I have received 3 critiques from fellow students. I am awaiting the critique of my tutor.

In my submission I indicated that at this time I was still reflecting on which images I would finally submit for project 1. My decision was going to be influenced by the feedback I received from the critiques. I had thought that I may use a different profile picture on my social media accounts than I did on my website. However, I would need to reflect further on this.

The critique feedback suggests that selfie 2 is considered strong and the less arty selfies for 1 & 3 received good support. The cracked paint selfie 3 did receive some support also. One of the critiques suggested I needed more light on my face in selfie 3 and that it may be cropped a little too tightly. I had another look at it and reduced the crop and tried to lighten my face. The result is quite good I think. Here it is below.


After reflection, I loaded selfie 2 as my profile picture for my University of Tasmania profile page. I added three images to my “About” page on this site with selfie 2 being above the fold. I also added it to my google+ and twitter profiles. For something different, I added the selfie 3 cracked paint version to my tumblr profile.

The reason for Selfie 2 is that it clearly shows a photographer at work in a professional sense but in an arty sort of way due to the black and white treatment and some grunge effect applied during post processing.

I think the critique feedback has been valuable to my efforts. I like the revised version of selfie 3 based on the suggestion I was given. I am now fairly sure about which three selfies I will submit in Project 1 but will wait for my tutor’s feedback before finalizing my decision.

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  1. Kevin (Outback) Sinclair, love your work , what camera is it?

    1. Thanks. I use a Nikon D750. I am really enjoying this camera. sometimes I use my phone camera, a Samsung Galaxy S 5.

    2. John, I am using a Nikon D750 most of the time. Sometimes I use my phone camera.

      1. Thanks Kevin, what lens do you use on the Nikon?

        1. 24-70mm f2.8 is the main one. I also have a 80-400mm & a 50mm.

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