Week 4 of Photography & Social Media – Thoughts and Reflections
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This week of the course is about visual language and focuses on topics that will help me to improve my photography. The first activity was “Exploring Composition and Design”.


I took some photos with a focus on using rule of thirds, filling the frame and unusual points of view. The images I have inclu20160103_123336ded here in my journal show the results. The image that fills the frame has worked out well with good negative space around my head shot.

The shot taken with the camera held low is an unusual point of view (at least for me) as I haven’t tried that before. I seem to have “grown in stature” but I think the style or look may not be suitable for what I am trying to achieve with my selfies.

The others were looking to use the rule of thirds. A couple of them worked okay for my head shot but the other part of the frame is not well thought out or just not interesting. I need to better visualise the full frame when taking these images. However, the one with the white flowers does work okay with the flowers on located on one third and my head shot on the other third.

20160102-_KGS9151 20160103_123518 20160103_124730






Seems more practice and pre-planning may help.

The next activity was “Camera Phone Composition Techniques”. I combined this activity with the previous activity. The images taken with my phone above focused on the rule of thirds and shooting low to get an unusual view point.

Now for the stuff that makes me have to work harder. This activity was “Advanced Composition and Analysis”. I picked 2 images that I took in 2015 to analyse. The first one shows repeating triangles and rectangles which enhance the composition. The second has very strong leading lines taking the viewer into the center of the image.

Week 4 Advanced Composition and Analysis 1 Week 4 Advanced Composition and Analysis 2

The next activity is “How to Analyse a Photograph”. I was required to analyse one of my own images using one style of analysis and analyse another photographer’s image using a different style of analysis. I chose to analyse my own image using the formal analysis (with writing frame) style. This analyse appears below.

Photo Analysis of BrisAdManiaBane

For the other analysis I chose to review Michele Rossetti’s image titled “Di Mattina” on 500px.com.  This link is https://500px.com/photo/134412251/di-mattina-by-michele-rossetti and the image is copyrighted by Michele Rossetti. Below is screen shot of the link. I have chosen to analyse this image using the personal reflection style.

Screenshot 2016-01-03 16.24.22

This is an image that stopped me in my tracks as I was browsing through 500px.com. The bare branches of the trees surrounded by fog give an initial eerie feeling. However, it’s the colours that I really enjoy about this image. The darkness of the trees against the varied colours of the fog/cloud. The colour almost feels warm the more I look at it. It is as though the fog/cloud is giving the earth and trees a hug. Rossetti has placed the main tree almost on the rule of thirds grid line and the second tree in the background provides a balance to the image.

Well that’s it for week 4. I now feel like I am back up to date!

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