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A couple of weeks ago I signed up for a course at the University of Tasmania. It is an online course titled “Photography & Social Media“. My aim in doing this unit is to gain a deeper understanding of social media and learn how to create photographs that resonate with my audience.

The first assessment is to produce 3 selfies. Sounds easy but I have always struggled to be happy with any selfie I have taken so far. So this will be a good test for me and this weeks activities have certainly done that. We started off by creating a personal identity mind map. This activity is to help me plan a range of images that will express who I am visually and for me to think beyond the head shot. My personal mind map is below:

Then we were asked to create a professional mind map which needs to include anything about my professional persona. In this one, I focused on myself as the photo artist. Here it is:

The next stage is to look at my brand. One of the things I learned was that lots of graphic designers use mood boards and Pinterest to help create a brand identity for their clients. I followed the instructions in Neisha Designs’ excellent article on her working process. The first steps was to create a Pinterest board that I called “Inspiration“.

Using the images from my Inspiration board on Pinterest, I then created my mood board which is to guide me in designing and implementing my brand. Here is my mood board:

The images on my mood board are all featured on my Pinterest Inspiration page. The copyright in the images remains with the authors of the images and their details are found on my Pinterest page.

From here, the next part of the process was to take some selfies that reflected the brand. This is more difficult than it sounds and I think I will need to allow some ideas to incubate over then next few days. Anyhow, here are four of the images I took today – none of which I am happy with.

The hard parts are getting a suitable light source that works well and also knowing where to look. I am not happy with the way my eyes are. Backgrounds to the pictures will also require more thought.

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