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Each year the Brisbane Camera Group has an annual competition with a variety of categories. One of these is the Audiovisual competition. The aim is to produce a sequence of still shots set to a soundtrack that tells a story. This provides wide scope for creativity and individual expression and is an exciting challenge. Tonight, the club showed each of the entries with the results of the judging to be announced at the annual dinner in December.

The deadline for submission of entries into the annual competition was 26 October 2015. I had started to work on my submission 2 or 3 months earlier. I set myself a difficult challenge as I wanted to use as the basis of my story a poem that I wrote in 1978 called “Watching The Sun Go Down”. My images would need work in Photoshop and I would need to learn how as I progressed. I also planned to read and record the poem as part of the soundtrack. To top it off, I was going to compose music for the soundtrack also.

Time ran out and I had to resort to royalty free music for my soundtrack. Apart from that, everything I had planned I achieved. I think the end result is good for a first attempt. We will see what the judges think! As there are only three entries in the novice grade, the worst I can do is last or third – however you want to look at it!

I’ll put the AV up for viewing once the results have been announced at the annual dinner.

Also shown tonight were images from the annual Hunt and Shoot Competition held in September 2015. This competition result will also be announced at the annual dinner in December.

The Hunt and Shoot Competition is very challenging and calls for creativity in a pressure environment. The way it works is that you have a number of limitations imposed:
a) the area to work within;
b) time is limited;
c) there are 12 subjects;
d) you are allowed only 24 shots; and
e) only jpg format without any post processing.

You get to pick one shot to represent each of the 12 subjects so the judging is based on those 12 shots only.
I managed to get the required number of shots within the time limit but am not confident of the quality of my shots. This is another case of let’s see what comes out of the judging.

The 12 images I submitted are below.

























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